Million Dollar Baby

Hi everyone! 🙂 Long time no hear from, I know. This time I wont bore you with an excuse for being an absentee blogger but I promise I’ll do better. For real this time. 🙂 Now that we’re past that lets move on to the topic at hand: KIDS!

Not that it’ll surprise you at all but I still don’t have any kids. For some reason the whole, “lets have a baby!” trend isn’t really appealing to me. Do I want a family some day? Sure. But not at this point in time, stage in my life and state of overall feeling of unpreparedness I just don’t think kids would be a good idea; not to mention those little fuck trophies are expensive! Everyone I know that has kids tries to convince me that they’re the most joyous things to ever happen to them and that they can’t imagine life without them. Realistically I can’t say I blame them. Kids are permanent and whether you want them or not, once they make their grand entrance into the world they’re here to stay and you no longer have the luxury of imagining your life without them. The other thing that gets me about people trying to sell me on the idea of kids is the way they try to convince me that kids are great. This is the sort of shit I’m hit with on the daily when my friends, family, coworkers, strangers, etc. try to sell me on kids:

“Kids are great! They give you a sense of responsibility you’d never experienced before and make your life worth living”. Uhhh, yea. My two Soldiers give me a great sense of responsibility and remembering I live in sunny Hawaii make my life worth living. That doesn’t make me want a baby.

“Kids are fun!”. So is shopping, eating, reading comics and looking up random shit on the internet.

My personal favorite, “kids will change your life!”. So has the Army. I love my job (usually) but understand that its not the job for everyone and subsequently don’t try to sell everyone on the idea; why don’t people share this same sentiment when it comes to kids?

True shit, kids really may be a great addition to your life but when I see snot-nosed brats arguing with their parents in the mall and jumping in my way and nearly being run over by my cart in the grocery store it makes it a wee bit hard to imagine. Think about it this way, I can tell you all day that the Army is awesome but does the idea of waking up to work out everyday at 6:30AM, the thought of going to war and wearing the same fugly uniform and hairstyle to work everyday throw you in an excited stupor and make you want to enlist? I didn’t think so. The same should go for kids in my opinion. What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander.

Moving on to more happy and less bitter things, I want to put out there that I really don’t hate kids and really do look forward to having a family one day; just not right now. Aside from my personal situation that makes the thought of having a baby more horrifying than the prospect of seeing combat, my logical mind is set on the fact that babies take lots of money to raise! Take a look at this infographic cleverly entitled “Costly Kids” below on the effects having a baby can have on your life and more specifically, your finances. The information presented here came from some notable sources including Early Childhood and the Money section of CNN so it seems pretty legit. As of August 2013, the average cost of raising a child (up to eighteen) hit a staggering $241,080. Crazy right? That’s a LOT of money and when I settle down and take the plunge I don’t want to just raise my kids. I want to be a kick ass mom and plan to show my future son a better life than I ever dreamed of. That six-figure number I threw out there just includes the basics; I want my future son to have the best. Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age but eventually, it might be nice to have a little Jeanious running around but for now, those little banshees drive me up the wall and I couldn’t imagine being required to provide for one unconditionally let alone to such a degree that I would deem fit for my son (yes, I’m absolutely determined to have a boy when I grow up and have a family of my own). Either way, money sucking minish vampires or bundles of unconditional joy; its all a matter of perception. Just take a look at this infographic if you are in that in-between state to give you an idea of what you’re really going to be up against. Bundle of love, joy, and eternal happiness; sure. But free; no way! Now without further adieu here’s the infographic of the hour. Enjoy!

Costly Kids

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