“If You Ain’t Got Nothin’ Nice To Say…”

“… then don’t say shit!”. If that old saying doesn’t ring true to you, try one of my favorite parables: hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and to add some new school flare, post no evil. 🙂

Seriously though, among dozens of other things one thing I really hate is cyber bullies. Seriously, if you “ain’t ’bout that life”, don’t try to be all tough on the internet. No matter what void you’re trying to fill in your life picking on people on the internet is no way to accomplish the mission. It really hurts my little soul to see some of the rude shit people say to one another behind the comfort of a keyboard. If you wouldn’t have the balls to say that shit to someones face don’t take it to cyberspace. No matter how bossy you think you are from a long distance, just remember that you’re never too far away to be reached out and touched. 🙂

Aside from the sheer cowardliness of being a cyber bully, I don’t like it because unlike being a normal bully (which I don’t condone either) you can’t actually see the damage your causing which makes it infinitely worse. No matter what old folks say, harsh words do hurt and you shouldn’t say mean things to people. You never know if a mean comment on a message board is all it takes to send someone over the edge these days. Last but not least, you wouldn’t want people to say ill shit to you so don’t do it to them!

Curious as to what brought on this weeks PSA? Well, aside from my distaste for cyber bullies I saw this comic on the Laughing Squid and wanted to share. Like the original post says, “don’t be a dick!” Enjoy!


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