Bat Dad

You all know I love all things Batman and get a pretty good giggle out of random people out of impersonating him (as if he were a real guy to begin with but, I digress). In knowing that, I wouldn’t feel like real Batman fan if I didn’t bog your mind down with a two minute thirty-some-odd-second complication video of some grade A bat-silliness. Much like the ‘real’ Dark Knight, Bat Dad is a guy in a mask but rather than keeping the streets of Gotham safe, he can be found driving his Honda Odyssey and enjoying mundane tasks like reminding his little boy to say “please” and brush his gums.

This video originally came to us from Vine but due to the popularity of the six-second-segments, someone decided to create a short video that highlight the best BatDad moments which has gone completely viral. If you haven’t seen this video yet, I’m proud to be the first to share it with you. 🙂

My personal favorite bits are when BatDad yells, “WAKE UP!” and scares his son sleeping peacefully in the back of the Batmobile (family edition of course) and the bit before that when BatDad kindly told his son who was sitting on the table, “tables are for glasses. Not asses!”. Simply hilarious! Maybe not hilarious but more that enough to give me a good laugh and restore my faith in Vine. Check out the video below and see what all of the fuss is about. Without further adieu, here’s: na na na na na na na na BATDAD! Enjoy!

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