New Music! “Mad Solar”, Kid Cudi

Although he’s a weirdo I love Kid Cudi. After releasing a few incomplete tracks here and there and seemingly taking a random break from the game I sort of wrote him off as another rapper with talent but too high all the time to put it to good use; kinda like Lil Wayne. I mean really, his first CD was great but that bizarre second album of his (WZRD) was just plain weird. Luckily though he surprised me and has gotten back to his old sound and seemingly clearer head on his shoulders. About a month ago the Cleveland native was featured on the cover of Complex and offered a very intimate portrait into the life and psyche of Scott Mescudi via his interview entitled “Life After Death”. In a very open forum he discussed going through a few emotional and psychological battles, substance abuse, seeing a shrink, the single life, having a daughter and a rebirth of sorts; who would’ve guessed? It was actually a pretty interesting read so here’s the link for anyone interested in reading up on Mr. Solo Dolo. Now on to the fun stuff!

As you probably know by now, Cudi is due to drop a new album in a few weeks and has released a single entitled “Immortal”. This track wasn’t exactly my favorite. Dude was on that wailing shit and ‘sang’ all of the track. I guess if you have that Jimi Hendrix, Lil Wayne or (old) Kid Cudi syndrome “Immortal” could be something for you to vibe to but for us normal folks its just fuckin’ weird. To offer the fans a little something extra to work with when Scott hit the stage for the Jimmy Kimmel Live he performed another song that will be featured on his new album Indicuid by the name of “Mad Solar”. True shit, this song is a little odd too but I really like it! Although he’s singing the track its much easier to listen than “Immortal” and his last bullshit CD. Without giving too much away, if you liked “Mr. Solo Dolo” from his first album or “The Prayer” you’ll like “Mad Solar”. Mellow message, same vibe, easy beat. I love it!

In closing, remember to be on the lookout for Indicud which it set to be released on 23 April 2013. Sadly this album isn’t available for preorder via iTunes but don’t worry! Amazon has you covered. PSA for the week: don’t do drugs! Enjoy!

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