All About the Benjamins

It’s that time of year again! Spring is on the way, ladies are hitting the gym to get their beach bodies together, men are jumping through greater hoops to catch the interest of chicks for a little summer fun and hip-hop is on the rise! As much as it can be anyway. You know the drill; every year around this time the hip-hop flood gates open with catchy singles like “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore (which just hit five times platinum by the way) and new albums from our favorite artists begin to trickle in by the dozens and viola! We have spring/summer!

In addition to trivial pop culture and hip-hop news that are synonymous with the changing of the seasons, Forbes magazine has released their annual breakdown of hip-hop’s five wealthiest artists. Although it’s a wee bit repetitive I always find it interesting to see who made the list. It also helps me to be a much more (sometimes overly so) critical music listener. When you have rappers like the baby daddy of the decade and self-proclaimed martian *cough* Kan’Ye, Lil Wayne talk about how they’re so rich but didn’t have enough cheese to be recognized by Forbes it kinda makes me wonder. Yes, I know, rap music is purely entrainment and shouldn’t be taken so literally. Yes, I know Diddy and Jay-Z, suit wearing, empire owning kind of money is a bit different from Lil Wayne, hood rich, buy a few chains and wear Nikes kind of money, but its still interesting to see it in print. I don’t know. Could just be my nerdy side mixing with my love for hip-hop. 🙂 One thing that can be taken from this list (even if you aren’t a hip-hoper) is the way these guys made their money. All five men on this list truly attacked the game with an entrepreneurial spirit and a lot of hustle. If you want to learn a thing or two about making money, these guys are a good group to look two. Random fact about me: one of these guys is actually my long time role model and still serves as a guide to how to hustle and earn the life I want. Enough about me, back to the wealthy guys! Check out the list hot of the press and see who made the cut! Enjoy!

Forbes Five: Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists 2013


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