S#!T My Parents Say

I saw this list on Loud Mouse and  thought it was too hilarious not to share. Having parents that are technologically savvy can serve as a gift and a curse. The gift being its easy to get in touch with them without stepping back in time and being forced to pick up the phone to actually call them (unless you want to of course). Curse being having to explain text talk, hashtags and new technological advances to them in order to keep them up to speed. I was bless enough to have parents that know what they’re doing with technology but not determined to be hip and subsequently make a mess of things. Never have I had to deal with embarrassing comments on my Facebook timeline, either parent asking me how to make a Twitter page or worse. Nope! I’ve been lucky! Worst thing I’ve had to deal with is a dad who sucks at texting and being caught (for lack of a better phrase) over the internet. Over the years though my dad has gotten much better so its not quite the catastrophe it once was. My mom on the other hand has always been pretty good with computers and that has served as a double edged sword. Yea, it’s sorta nifty being able to communicate with your mom via Facebook when you live across the country but it’s a whole different barrel of monkeys when she discovers and reads your blog, lol. Note from The Jeanious: be sure that whatever you post on the internet is something you feel comfortable with the world seeing. There’s nothing like your mom hitting you with the “I read your blog!” and replaying every profane word you committed to print through cyberspace in your mind knowing that your parent has read it all. To add insult to industry, imagine your mom finding about your sex toy hustle via internet as well. True shit, cash flow aside that shits just plain awkward. I thought her reading my sometimes vulgar blog was bad but being asked, “so, what’s this new business you’re involved in?” and knowing exactly what she’s talking about and being unable to mask it since its glaring everyone on Google in the face is a bit awkward to say the least. Again, if you don’t want your mom to see it, don’t put that shit online! That’s my PSA for the week.

Getting back to todays post, if you’ve ever been hit with questions like, “what’s this mean?” or go through how to operate social networking to anyone old enough to be your parent you’ll understand my sentiment and get a few laughs out of the list below. Whoever said “kids say the darndest things” clearly never sat down for a chat with their parents once they reached adulthood; especially once technology took a major turn. With that being said, peep the article below and have a few laughs. Enjoy!

24 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Your Parents a Smartphone


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