Grammar 103: Proper Grammar and Punctuation in Text Messaging

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any handy grammar and punctuation tips so I’d like to take a moment to do so now. At my day job I’ve undertaken a much more grammar and literacy focused position as an awards clerk so I’m steeped in shitty diction, run-on sentences and comma abuse these days and subsequently have become a bigger stickler for it all. Since this is a carefree sort of blog though and not Army serious, lets have some fun! Let’s talk about the importance of proper grammar in text messaging!

Being the techie I am, I’m generally on top of it when it comes to text talk. Sometimes however I just don’t get that shit. Its one thing to abbreviate words by dropping letters like typing “txt” instead of “text” or “u” instead of “you” and I’m the queen of acronyms (IDK, BRB, BTW, IKR and WTF are my favs) but some jargon that these young fucks use is just beyond me. I feel like an old woman having to respond with, “umm, what?” when I get text messages. I just don’t get where all the grammar went! Following that train of thought I’d like to present todays educational image! For you hipsters out there that use text talk, rely on contractions to substitute complete terms or if nothing else get screwed over by AutoCorrect on the regular, this post is for you! I want you to take a look at this and remember the importance of sending a clear, concise text message and more important, review your messages before hitting this “send” button. Take a look at the pic below and see what I mean. Happy texting! 🙂


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