New Movie! Kick Ass 2 Trailer

This is gonna be a great summer for hero movies! We’ve got Iron Man 3 on the way, Man of Steel and now Kick Ass 2! I know that last one doesn’t fall in line with the other two but you’ve got to give Kick Ass and his band of well meaning miscreants credit. From the looks of things this action-packed follow up will pack the same punch with a couple of interesting twists. Kick Ass looks like he’s spent a considerable amount of time in the gym which wasn’t a bad idea considering how puny he was when he developed his green-suited alter-ego. Alas, Hit Girl (my fav and by far the most awesome character in the original) can still kick his ass. In addition, Kick Ass’ former friend The Red Mist is back to play but rather than being a fake hero (as if they all aren’t), he’s back as Mr. Motherfucker and will pose as a villain seeking revenge. To top all of that off, many other average citizens have joined Kick Ass and Hit girl in their quest to defend the city including a replacement for Big Daddy by the name of Colonel Stars and Stripes who will be played by Jim Carey. Sounds cool, right? It’s hard to imagine Jim Carey in that sort of roll but he’s probably going to bring a much needed comedic edge to that serious ass movie.

Unlike some sequels, this trailer leads me to believe that Kick Ass 2 will truly piggyback off of the first film so if you haven’t seen it yet, it may be a good idea to do so before this movies release on 28 June 2013. Be warned, if you missed the memo please know that this movie is not for children! There’s violence, adult language, sex and more violence; well deserving of its R rating. Maybe its just me but after the initial trailers aired and learning about the premise of the movie I thought it’d be a wee bit more light-hearted; I was wrong. Shame on me but I really didn’t expect Kick Ass to be quite so over-the-top vulgar and violent but thankfully, this two minute trailer brings the vulgarity of the sequel to full-light so for those of you that missed it, you wont go in with the same “OMG!” shock I did when I saw the original two years ago. Check out the trailer below to get an idea of what this new movie has in store and look out for Kick Ass 2 at your local theater on 28 June 2013. Enjoy!

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