Digital Intimacy

This is something I posted on my other blog but found it so interesting I wanted to share it with my WordPress fam too. Now, if you’ve read by blog for any amount of time you’ll know that I’m pretty conservative and old-fashioned when it comes to sex and relationships. In knowing that, I’m sure it can be assumed that pornography and things of that nature are not something I choose to delve in. Following that same train of thought, I’m not here to tell you what to do, control your mind or even attempt to preach to you that what you’re into (if porn so be it) is wrong. Since this is my blog though I do like to take moments here and there to discuss things that bother me and try to offer a fresh perspective on it.

Pornography and adults films are no good as far as I’m concerned. It appears to me that they can alter your views and opinions on things that were designed to be sacred including relationships and women’s bodies. I’ve been told that some are “interesting” and “stimulating” but I just can’t understand why. Call me crazy but wouldn’t it be more fun to go out and have sex with a real person rather than paying HBO all of that money or skulking out the internet for free porn sites and enjoying a quiet evening with your hand? I’m just saying. To compound that, pornography seems to truly alter a persons perspective in the same way addictions do and that’s no bueno as well. Yea, yea, yea. You can say all day that it’s just something you watch or you’re not addicted to but you have to see where I’m coming from; at least a little. As so kindly stated in the article (and post) I’m about to share with you, much like an addiction pornography can stimulate the mind and in time make it hard for the body to compete which means big trouble for your current or future relationships. Just something to think about.

Anyway, let’s get down to it. Remember when I told you I started up another blog catered to my new hustle? Well, I posted this article over there and rather than having you read pages of my conservative views twice I’ve decided to post the link to the original article below. That way, you only have to read my three paragraph introduction. 🙂 Once you follow the link I promise its worth the read. Due to my target audience I try to keep my Blogger posts short, sweet and to the point. Without any further à deux, check out the link below and read the article from the sex section of my all-time favorite magazine (Complex of course) and take a moment to evaluate how porn is effecting your life and relationships. Enjoy!

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Midnight Sweets Blog Post: Digital Intimacy


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