Love, Lust and Blogs

This may come as a bit of a shock for those of you that know me outside of cyber space but I’ve split my attention once again and gotten involved with another business venture. Not so shocking at all, right? It’s the nature of the business that is the odd part. So odd in fact that despite the fact that I’ve been at this hustle for a few months now it’s still a bit hard for me to divulge; mostly because I know my mom reads this blog and didn’t want her to become savvy of my new hustle, lol. That concern is out the window now! My mom has found out (and was surprisingly receptive about it actually), the cat is out of the bag so here it is: I do Passion Parties. There! I said it! For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, Passion Parties are adult toy parties, you know, the things that go ‘buzz’ in the night and keep many housewives at bay when their husbands are around? Yea, those kind of toys. Now referring back to my initial statement if you know me in the real world I’m sure it’s a bit difficult to imagine me peddling vibrators and flavored lubes but it’s really not that bad! Yes, my first couple of parties were a little awkward but I pulled through and made a hell of a profit I might add! A little false confidence, a knack for marketing, killer presentation and a poker face like no other can go a long way in this world and most certainly can save face when you’re putting on a presentation; especially on a topic you’re hellishly unfamiliar  with. I do my parties confident as a peacock giggling in my head that I haven’t the slightest clue what these ladies are talking about and laugh my way to the bank at the end of the week when I deposit the spoils of my hustle. Thereafter its off to my favorite cyber store Karmaloop (don’t forget to use my rep code! greedyjeanious will save you 20% off your first order and 10% off every order thereafter), my kicks store of choice here on island, the mall and ultimately back to my Passion Parties site to stock up on new goodies to show at my next party. After a hard day of shopping has reached its end I lose that awkward feeling entirely, grab another stack of business cards and continue to hustle. That’s the life of a greedy genius and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

Whew! Now that I’ve bored you with my hustlers memoir lets move on to what I really wanted to get across to you with this post. I’ve started another blog! That’s right boys and girls! If you can’t get enough of my witty comments or would like to read about something other than nerdy stuff, urban fashion, hip-hop and corny/smutty humor check me out at  Midnight Sweets. There you will find handy tips and tricks for keeping your relationship fun and flirty as well as updates on the latest ways to entice your lover. Since I’m on the internet there’s no real reason to be coy but if any of you know me outside of cyberspace you know the X-rated topics aren’t my favorite to discuss; thus the basis of me creating yet another blog that will allow me to speak freely while hiding behind a URL that will forever mask my identity while still allowing me the creative freedom I need to reach my target audience while building my business. Anyway, on this second blog in addition to the previously mentioned topics you will find a bounty of (G rated) videos on toys that offer a how-to-use guide for those new to the toy game, articles on sex, relationship advice and SALES! That’s right! Not only can you get your toys from The Jeanious but The Jeanious is going to cut you a deal on them! If you decide to place an order with me, use the code “greedyjeanious” and receive 10% off every order! Even if you think you aren’t into that kinda stuff (I’m not either to be honest with you), mosey on over there and see what I have in store because there’s truly something for everyone. The single lady looking for a good time without the risk of STDs, the couple who wants to introduce something new into the boudoir and the lady that likes to pamper herself without the use of batteries. I even have a line of products just for men up for grabs! 🙂 As always, thanks for supporting me! I look forward to my continued service to my patrons! Enjoy!


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