I Am What I Am

This is going to be a very quick post with a very direct message and a mildly grotesque picture at the end. With that being said, if you don’t care to see two half-naked people sprawled on the cover of some French magazine or hear my opinion on how much of a dumbass Kan’Ye West has shown himself to be, again, please click away now. If not, let the bitching begin!

“I am Picasso, I am Walt Disney, I am Steve Jobs, I am Michelangelo” boldly boasts Kan’Ye during another one of his idiotic rants. No my dear Kan’Ye, you are none of those magnificent men. You are however a royal dumbass for posing for this picture. Correct me if I’m wrong celebrity gosspiers of the internet, but Kim Kardashian is still in fact married, right? The last thing I heard about this unholy union being thrown out was that the once love-struck Kris Humphries refused to put his Basketball career on hold in order to proceed with the legal process leaving Kim barefoot and pregnant in the arms of her baby-daddy but still married nonetheless. With that being said, what’s with this guy? We all know that when marriage has seen its end its normal for both parties to move on but not while the marital status of one party is publicly known. I don’t know America. I’m not a lawyer but I can see terms like adultery, slander and hoe being thrown around when the courts convene in April.

Anyway, here’s the overly sexual image I was referring to in my disclaimer paragraph. KimYe chose to ‘grace’ French magazine L’Officiel Hommes with a black and white image (as if it could be anything else) of Kim seemingly topless straddling her likewise boo. Call me old-fashioned, but certain shit including your naked bodice should be kept private. I’m just saying. In addition, these two are too old for this shit. I thought only teenage and twenty-something year old girls posted images like this, not grown ass women preparing for motherhood or cry-baby-wannabe-tough-guy rappers; but I digress…


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