“Not In My House!”

Have you seen that Gieco commercial with Dikembe Mutumbo? If you haven’t you’re missing out because it’s freaking hilarious! I guess the cute little gecko wasn’t bringing in new clients like he once did because it appears that Geico has put an all new spin on their advertising schemes and I love it! Some how they dug up the retired NBA star and got him to reenact his famous blocks with his signature finger wag in common situations including a little boy picking out a box of cereal at a grocery store. It’s sheer comedy! Dude just runs around (literally, running like a kid after he commits a victimless crime) smacking shit out of the air, wagging his finger shouting, “not today!” and “not in my house!”, lol. Perhaps my simple sense of humor is over exaggerating the severity of the comedy in this thirty-second bout but I don’t care! This shit makes me laugh. If the commercial isn’t enough to tickle your fancy, I dug in the NBA vault and found a couple of clips of the former Houston Rocket getting dunked on by a couple of all-stars. The first three-second clip shows MJ dunking on him and returning the finger wag he so kindly handed out to others. The second clip features the same feat being carried out by Shaq; this time however the “no no no” finger was dished to the fans in the stands to avoid a penalty. Take a few moments to check out the videos below if you’re in need of a good giggle or just want to see a giant get dunked on; it’s pretty funny! Enjoy!


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