Three Kings

Just as we’ve made it halfway through Basketball season (thank God) I stumbled upon this infographic showcasing the stats of three of the leagues biggest all-time players: The great Michael Jordan, King James and Kobe. Out of these three greats LeBron is my personal favorite but being the kind of girl who is more concerned with the newest Pusha T mixtape or the newest pair of kicks to hit the streets, I really couldn’t care less for the sport. Still, I try to stay as current as I can with the league, the players and everything that going on. What kind of blogger would I be if I just avert my eyes and ears to such a prevalent topic?

Over the years I have heard many barbershop arguments about who the greatest basketball player of all time is. Some guys have been able to compose compelling arguments putting MJ in the forefront (as if that’s hard), others have made good cases for the true star of the Lakers (Kobe) while other have come out of left field bringing up random players like Pete “Pistol Pete” Maravich (no clue what was wrong with that guy or what league he was watching but hey, that’s what he said). Generally, these seemingly harmless debates turned into full-fledge arguments because most of the guys mentioned serve as formidable opponents to one another. To put all of the bickering to rest, the good folks over at Complex Sports drew up this clever representation of MJ, LeBron and Kobe’s stats to showcase the numbers as is and settle the score once and for all. If you really want to know who the best is, feel free to read over this graph and with a little personal bias sprinked in here and there, go into your next ‘greatest NBA player of all time’ argument with confidence knowing that you know your shit and that you’re not making shit up like a certain sports commentator I love ::clears throat:: Skip Bayless. If you’ve watched even five minutes of ESPN’S First Take in your life you’ll know exactly what I mean. Don’t be like that guy; go into the debate knowledgeable and ready to hold your ground with stats and not bullshit. Im just sayin’. Enjoy!

infographicmjvskbvslj_lead michaeljordanvskobebryantvslebronjames2

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