The Many Faces of Beyonce

As we all know, this past Sunday the Ravens and 49ers met at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome to participate in the biggest game of the year: Super Bowl XLVII. As every sports fan knows the Patriots should have been playing rather than Murder Mook, whoops, I meant Ray Lewis and the Ravens. Lastly, every sports fan knows the dismal ending to the tragic game. Okay, maybe the second one isn’t something every sports fan knows but the sensible ones for sure. 🙂 In all seriousness, you get the point. The Super Bowl came, saw and the Ravens conquered. Not my idea of a well deserved championship but who am I to contend with thrown calls and a bullshit play in a certain playoff game that landed them in the game anyway? Big ups to the Ravens! Good job guys! To the Patriots, don’t let us down again. We not-so-hostile fans may not be so forgiving next year.

Moving on to the non sports fans of this great nation (mostly the ladies out there that mistook the Super Bowl for a BeyoncĂ© concert). Every BeyoncĂ© follower, girly girl, gossip queen and everyone in between knew that BeyoncĂ© performed at this tragic game and have even gone as far as to say “BeyoncĂ© had a Football game at her concert”. Joke or not, shut up.

My periodic jabs at her and critiques of her attempts at writing may make it hard to tell but in all honesty, I really do like BeyoncĂ©, kinda. I’m not exactly a fan, wouldn’t pay to see her in concert and wouldn’t go out of my way to catch a television show she’s featured on but I do like her music! There is no denying that the Texas native, mommy-of-one was blessed with amazing vocals and knows how to put them to good use. About there however is where the praises stop. I really don’t think BeyoncĂ© is as amazing as her legion of followers proclaimed her to but hey! I’m pretty sure those same followers can’t understand why I love and adore the rappers I speak so highly of so who am I to judge? To each is own. One thing I feel like I can speak freely on is BeyoncĂ©’s antics. She doesn’t do this a lot but like all of us, BeyoncĂ© and her team of public affairs reps have a knack for sticking their feet in their mouths. First, there was being shown as a fraud for lip-singing the National Anthem at President Obama’s Inauguration. [just a FYI, shit is about to get real. If you don’t want to read my candid opinion of this public display of disrespect carried out by your beloved BeyoncĂ©, you might wanna skip this next bit and pick back up when the light-heart posts actually start. I’m just sayin’. If you don’t mind my opinion however, read on! I’d love to share it with you!]

Time out: I know there are some of you out there that may try to defend that shit but that shit was just down right inexcusable.I’m sure BeyoncĂ© had some bullshit reason for doing what she did like trying to ensure she gave a good performance or maybe she had a sore throat or some crap like that but that does not excuse lip-singing the National Anthem. News flash Bey, you were not in concert. You were asked by the President of the United States to sing the National Anthem at the Inauguration. I’m not sure if you know what that song means to America, the hearers of its lyrics or the servicemen/women that salute each time we hear the band strike up but it’s a damn sight more than any of your ‘hits’. Take a look around. At the start of any American tradition including the Inauguration you helped botch, a professional sports game, military ceremony or any other American pastime we sing the National Anthem; not “Halo”, “Single Ladies” or any of her other hood chick acclaimed ‘hits’. The National Anthem means something to this country and if you don’t have enough respect for this nation, her citizens or the colors and all our mighty flag represents please do us a favor, if you are asked to perform that song at another event respectfully decline. It’s a slap in the face to find out that someone thought so little of the National Anthem, our country and the President that they had the balls to lip-sing it rather than do it the justice it deserves. Perhaps this lady doesn’t really know or understand the National Anthem and where exactly the song came from and if that so be the case, fine. Just do us all a favor and respectfully decline your next invitation to sing the National Anthem until you learn the true meaning of the song, what it represents and where the lyrics actually came from. I promise you, if you knew that you wouldn’t have pulled a bullshit stunt like that just to save face. Anyway, that was my PSA for the week. Back to BeyoncĂ©’s idiocy… I mean antics. Time in!

After her PR team reviewed the images snapped after Beyonce’s halftime show they discovered a number of images that they deemed unflattering and kindly asked that they be removed from the internet. Come again? I know many refer to her a King Bey for some inane reason and I’m fairly confident that she believes through her record sales, marriage to hip-hop heavyweight Jay-Z and People’s Temple style following of drones (or fans) she may indeed believe that she is king and what she says should go. Sorry to break your heart Mrs. Carter, but your word is not law around here. Just because you find certain pictures unflattering doesn’t mean they’ll magically be dispelled from the universe on your command. Sorry! 🙂 Besides, that’s a bit of a tall order don’t you think? Even if it were possible to remove every trace of over image you deem unflattering from the internet, who would want to? I’m sure you’ve been famous long enough to know and accept the fact that there are many of us who actually enjoy looking at the more unflattering images and the fun that can be had at their expense. Petty, I know. But us normal folk have to get our laughs in too! lol.

As I’m sure you can imagine, after Bey’s PR team making this not-so-humble request the gossip columnists and techies out there went to town with these images that Mrs. Carter wanted so badly removed. Some put together funny lists like The 33 Fiercest Moments From BeyoncĂ©’s Halftime Show (thnx BuxxFeed.Com!) and other put their love of Photoshop to good use by creating memes. I love memes! I don’t know why but I find it flippin’ hilarious how funny a real life image can become once you make a few minor changes to the image and add a funny caption. I guess that’s my child like sense of humor coming out; I’ll laugh at just about anything and these memes are no different. In honor of BeyoncĂ©’s comical request I spent a little time scanning Google Images and compiled this cute little slide show of some of the more comical BeyoncĂ© memes I found. If you want a real laugh, check out the link below. No matter which barrel of laughs you chose, Enjoy!

The 33 “Fiercest” Moments From Beyonce’s Halftime Show

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