Arms of Iron Man

Finally! A cool story that involves my second favorite comic book hero. Well, kinda. Although Tony Stark is nowhere near as mysterious as Bruce Wayne and despite the fact that the Bat-suit is infinitely cooler than the bulky suit Iron Man lugs around, I still think he’s cool! I don’t know. There’s something about the thought of buying powers rather than being bitten by a spider or coming from some freaky planet that just speaks to me. What can I say? I guess cash is king even for heroes. 🙂 Anyway, moving beyond my fondness for wealthy vigilantes take a look at what this crafty guy created!

Patrick Priebe of Laser Gadgets, a self funded company dedicated to creating cool laser gadgets for day-to-day use has taken his love for technology and imagination one step further by recreating Iron Man’s wrist gauntlets. Although these powerful props can’t send villains flying through walls like the ones Mr. Stark uses in the movies/comics, these replicas do pack enough power to pop a balloon! That may not seem like much to some of you but that’s a huge step for laser technology. As much as it may suck for the techies and mechanical engineers out there, the blueprints and schematics for these weapons of minor destruction will not be made public. On the upside, you can check Priebe’s website by clicking the link above and place a custom order. Maybe if you ask really nicely, and shell out a large sum of cash, he’ll make you a pair of these fancy accessories. A pair of these will definitely win you “Best Costume” at next years Halloween bash. Anyway, check out the video below the see the Iron Man gauntlets in balloon popping action. Enjoy!


One thought on “Arms of Iron Man

  1. Best laser-pointer ever!
    No but really, this is why left-brain skill needs right-bran action to make stuff like this happen. It is cool though Curious how long it took to make.


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