Lights, Camera, FILMogrophy

Christopher Moloney, a New York based journalist, took select scenes from movies we all know and love and placed them all in their real life location. Moloney carefully matched the exact angles of the photographs to the structures corners and angles to help showcase the scene. In addition, the use of black-and-white photography over the colorful backdrop of the various NYC locations really helped bring this photo exhibition to life. Moloney cleverly names this piece FILMography and a few of the pieces can be seen below. Of course, the pic with Bane is my favorite with the Stay Puff marshmallow man from Ghostbusters following as a close second, but I tried to upload a diverse group of images to reach all crowds. If you’d like to see all of the pieces in FILMogrophy check out Christopher’s Tumblr page. Enjoy!

FILMography-by-Christopher-Moloney-1 FILMography-by-Christopher-Moloney-7 FILMography-by-Christopher-Moloney-22 FILMography-by-Christopher-Moloney-41 FILMography-by-Christopher-Moloney-50 FILMography-by-Christopher-Moloney-19 FILMography-by-Christopher-Moloney-29 FILMography-by-Christopher-Moloney-42 FILMography-by-Christopher-Moloney-51

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