So A Woman Thinketh so She Sweareth

“Why do you cuss so much?” is a question I’ve been asked for many years. Some contend that speaking with such harsh words is un-ladylike and all say speaking that way is ignorant and unnecessary. I’m not one to knock someone’s opinion but since this particular topic effects me personally I’d like to take a moment to rant.

First, to you “ladies” out there that seem to think my candid use of colorful words is un-ladylike I ask you: what decade do you live in? I’ve seen plenty of things within the last ten to twelve years that I think are completely un-ladylike. I don’t know about the “ladies” who raised you but my mom taught me that it was un-ladylike to: sleep with every guy you meet, have a baby as a teenager, dress like a tramp, post slutty pictures on the Internet, get sloppy drunk, twirl around a pole for a few dollars or demean myself just to get a “like” Facebook/Instagram pictures or settle for a guy who thinks so highly of me that he keeps me around as a side chick. Sure, my potty mouth may not be the ideal way for a “lady” to articulate what shes trying to say, but it’s a lot fuckin’ better than the shit “ladies” these days seem to get involved in. As a very old saying goes, “don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house”. If your the kind of “lady” that participates in the antics above, please, evaluate your home before snatching pebbles to toss at mine. 🙂

Next, to those who think the use of profanity is ignorant and unnecessary: I totally agree. It’s a shame that in this day and age I have to back-pedal many years and use the language of archaic, foul-mouthed sailors to get my point across. On that same note, as sad as it is ignorance is the only language that some of our less-evolved homogenous brethren understand. Tragic, but true. If you don’t believe me try holding an “intelligent” conversation with someone from the ‘hood with a ninth grade education or anyone else who prefers to take short cuts in the realm of grammar and diction. Good luck getting your point across without the use of made up contractions like “a’int” and dropping a few F bombs.

With respect to vulgarity being unnecessary, I agree with you there too. Cursing and using filthy jargon is unnecessary but so are many other things we enjoy in life like McDondald’s, beer and cigarettes. Look at my use of fuck, shit and damn as my cigarette or my Bud Light. A thinly veiled poison that helps me keep my sanity while dealing with daily stressors. However, in my own defense I would like to make it clear that I am completely capable of being a clean-mouthed girl; I just prefer not to (generally). If you don’t believe me check out some of my other posts. You will find many that are indeed free of vulgarity.

Now that my mini-rant is over I’d like to share the image that inspired it all. I’m convinced, the people over at are brilliant. They can take any event/feeling/opinion you keep to yourself because you don’t want to offend anyone and condense it to cute little sarcastic cards. I fuckin’ love it!


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