New Music! Agápē Mixtape, Jojo

Jojo has decided to come out of hibernation to grace the ears of her fans with a new mixtape entitled “Agápē”. I’m not sure why Jojo choses to take these long breaks between songs here and there, but her mixtapes never disappoint and are worth the wait. Her voice is just as lovely as ever and as she ages her music is carried to a new level with each passing single and mixtape. It goes without saying that Jojo has come a long way from kiddie love/break-up songs like “Baby It’s You” and “Too Little, Too Late” up to borderline psycho-stalker tracks like her rendition of Drake’s ever-popular “Marvin’s Room” (download it here if you missed it; she was on some other shit with that one, lol). Anyway, judging by this mixtape Jojo’s love life has improved quite  bit making agápē (meaning love without limits or requirements in Greek) a very fitting title. This thirteen-track mixtape is sure to be a girl’s best friend if: you’re going through a touch breakup that’s his fault (aren’t they all?), if you’re celebrating new love without limits or if you just need a little lift to get through a long day. I love it! Here’s hoping that this pop princess will release another studio album soon. With that being said, here’s “Agápē” for your listening pleasure! Enjoy!

Download Agápē Mixtape


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