“I’ll Pray For You”

While stumbling through the Huffington Post I discovered this comical article about Christian cliches. As a pretty devout Christian I couldn’t help but find myself guilty as sin when it comes to abusing one of the phrases on this list. While giggling my way through this bloggers article I couldn’t help but wonder how many other folks out there take these kind words and use them for a (sadly) not-always-so-kind purpose. I know it sounds mean and perhaps a bit misplaced but I can assure you that this observe and report style post is funny, done in good Christian taste and if you’ve spent any amount of time around church goers then you too will agree that this stuff is tragically true, lol.

Read through the brief article below and enjoy a good laugh and give it some real thought before you say “I’ll pray for you” to someone out of anger or “God bless his/her heart” out of spite. With that being said, enjoy!

I’ll pray for you! lol 🙂

5 Christian Cliches to Avoid

If you want a bit more Christian comedy check out the links below of more used and abused Christian cliches.

10 Christian Cliches The Should Never Be Used
10 More Christian Cliches To Avoid

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