Branding Wedding Band

At one point I thought a woman encouraging her husband/boyfriend to get her name tattooed on him in some obvious place was as far as a woman would/could go to say to the world “this is mine!” but as we all are from time to time, I was wrong. Basketball Wives LA star Malaysia Pargo has decided to take her jewelry line Three Beats to a new level with a line of jewelry for adults; namely a wedding band. After wearing this cumbersome band for a while the word ‘married’ is branded on the wearers fingers for all lurking women to see just in case Mr. Man takes of his ring for any reason. Wow.

Now I know that there are many women in the world that threw trust down the hatch when men discarded chivalry and there are some out there that just like to flaunt what they think is theirs but this is a bit extreme. I mean lets be real, buying your husband a ring like this could send two clearly distinctive messages: A) I don’t trust this guy so I’m gonna brand him or B) I’m a little insecure in our relationship so I’m gonna brand him in hopes that the brand will keep the thirsty chicks of the world at bay. C’mon, really? I guess that shit is okay and maybe cute when you’re school age and these sort of insecurities are a bit more justified but if you’re married why would you have these sort of concerns? Maybe I give modern-day men too much credit but I don’t think there’s any need for this. Maybe its my old-fashioned beliefs shining through again but relationships are supposed to be built on trust, respect and love (maybe not in the order but you get the point) not on dis-trust, worrying and the prospect of “what if”. Yes. It’s possible your man could meet another woman while out and chose not to tell her that he’s married and take it to the next level. Yes. It’s possible that some lonely woman could be determined to swoop in on what’s yours but in either outcome, why would you want to be in a relationship like that? If you’re married you shouldn’t have to worry about your guy straying. If this is the sort of bad romance you seem to find yourself in then perhaps your relationship needs some evaluation. On the flip-side, if the man you married is such hot stuff that women can’t seem to stay away from him then branding him with ‘married’ isn’t going to stop that; in fact, I know there are some women that prefer to chase married men. In either situation, you need to trust the guy you’re with and count on him to keep women off of his trail and not rely on a brand.

Now I have to ask: for all of you married women out there, would you buy this ring for your husband? Also, in fairness to the fellas, if this ring is released in women’s sizes and your husband bought you this ring, would you wear it? I’m going to be honest; I wouldn’t. I’d actually be pretty pissed if my significant other asked me to wear a branding ring as if life is a big Facebook page where I must keep my relationship status on public display. If I wear my ring, great, it’s a sign that I’m taken but if I don’t (and as odd as it may seem, I generally don’t) then that should not be grounds for him to want to brand me. As I said before, behavior like that just screams ‘I don’t trust you’ or ‘I’m insecure’ and if there’s one thing that I find frightfully unattractive in a man its insecurity. Depending on the lifestyle you lead a wedding ring can be a bit difficult to wear and it’d be awesome if some people could understand that.

Whew! That was my PSA for the week. Now back to this very intersting ring. This brand-me-band is not yet available for purchase but I have taken the libery of posting a picture of it as well as it’s effects. If you’d like to keep an eye out an potentially purchase one for the man if your life, here’s the link to Mrs.Pargo’s store: Three Beats Custom Jewelry. Happy shopping!

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