Sissy Drake

It’s no secret that I’m not exactly a huge Drake fan. I mean he can rap for the most part but he’s nothing to write home about and for damn sure isn’t the saving grace of hip-hop he’s been hyped up to be. Maybe growing up watching Degrassi and seeing Jimmy (Drake’s character) go through countless love triangles and being confined to a wheelchair before turning to a life of hip-hop tainted my image of him and his talents. Hell even in Degrassi he was a caking-ass dude and even more so as a rapper; teenage drama or not, he was just plain soft and I never quite shook it. Despite my personal biases towards the Canadian actor turned singing rapper I can’t help but see his face everywhere and hear his dry voice and slow flow all over the radio. I’d nearly given up and actually started to think my discerning taste in hip-hop was causing me to become a bit unrealistic when it came to my expectations but I didn’t cave. Thank God.

Now that I’ve complained about this feminine guy let’s get to the point. Complex posted a list of Drake’s “30 Most Sensitive Drake Lyrics” and let me tell you, it is hilarious! Seriously, even for love songs this dude’s bars are pretty soft but half of the lyrics on this list came from tracks that weren’t in fact love songs or anything close which makes it a bit worse in my opinion. Either way, I guess the fans love it but if you let Drizzy tell it-it’s not enough to maintain a relationship or get a girl to stop cheating on him. Poor Aubrey. Maybe one day he’ll find love and stop making this soft shit. Actually, maybe not. Maybe finding love will compound his overly-emo lyrics and encourage him to put out an 808s and Heartbreak  type album. If it comes to that God save hip-hop. Anyway, I just wanted to share this list with you all. It made me laugh and hopefully there are a couple of you that see into the heart (or heartbreak) of Drake’s lyrics and get a laugh too. Enjoy!

The 30 Most Sensitive Drake Lyrics

(Yea, that top picture, that was Drake on Degrassi. Crazy huh?)

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