New Music! “Diamonds”, Rihanna

In preparation for her seventh studio album Rihanna has released a new single entitled “Diamonds”. This new track features a techno style beat with a bit of orchestra similar to the beat she used for “We Found Love”. The only major difference that is unlike that preppy track, Ms. Fenty’s lovely voice and lyrics are not overshadowed by the busy beat. I love it! Although this new song was released a mere four days ago, there has already been lots of speculation as to what relationship she was referring to throughout the song. My vote is for the bad romance between her and Chris Brown that ended in a violent attack three years ago.

In all honesty, after an album of her venting (Rated R) and seemingly singing about how much she loves and misses her former lover on her last albumTalk That Talk, on top of her flat-out revealing that Breezy is the “love of her life” during her interview with Oprah, I’ve slightly changed my opinion on their ‘relationship’. Maybe those two should get back together. Clearly those two still care about each other and don’t really care who see’s it (did we not see that kiss at the MTV awards last month?) so why not give it another go? Everyone makes mistakes, we all fall into a bad romance at least once and above all, no one will ever truly know what went on that night the tragic fight took place. Not to say that I condone what that fool did, at all, or understand why she still loves him so much, but maybe, if she found it in her heart to forgive him and says she still loves him and things like “they made him seem like a monster” and that “someone needed to help him. I felt like I needed to protect him” then maybe there’s more that meets the eye and what happened needs to be pardoned. I’m just saying. I nor anyone else is in the position to judge the love of two people and if those two, specifically Rihanna, can move past the embarrassment, pain, judgement and cyclone of emotions that came from that event all to come back to love then maybe there’s something there after all.

Anyway, as I already gave away “Diamonds” sings of a relationship that was cherished that for some reason can to an end, but is still regarded as a rewarding and great one. It’s a bit sad for some reason (maybe it’s just the way the lyrics carry throughout the song) but it’s still awesome. Also, the more music Rihanna puts out she seems to let her Caribbean accent shine through more and more which is pretty cool; much better way of standing out rather than singing about whips and chains and “suck my cockiness”. With all of that being said, look out for RiRi’s next album entitled Unapologetic. No release date but I will definitely keep you all posted! Here’s “Diamonds” for your listening pleasure. If you’re really feelin’ this new track, click the link here to purchase “Diamonds” from iTunes. Enjoy!

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