Nike Field Dunks

Normally I’m not too amped about a pair of kicks that are a bit less than aesthitically pleasing but for the sake of my health and welfare I’m willing to make an exception. Why a support (not infantry) brigade insists on doing super-hooah PT (physical training) like running up and down mountains that have no marked trails, full of mud, fallen trees and are riddled with plenty of safety hazards like steep cliffs is beyond me, but for now that’s where I find myself. After nearly rolling down a hill (no bullshit, my Sergeant Major had to ‘save’ me) and witnessing one guy break his ankle I figured it was time for me to invest in some all terrain PT shoes but couldn’t find any that were both high-top and not totally hideous until now. Yes, I know. I said they were ugly a minute ago but I guess the all black ones aren’t so bad and maybe if I wear something really cute to PT when I wear them I can make them work! Besides, when it comes to workout gear I’ve learned that functionality trumps flyness and I will try to remember that once I place my order.

Now to the kicks at hand, these field sneakers are modeled after arguably the best Nike sneaker ever, the Dunk, but feature a few obvious modifications that make them perfect for hiking, rock climbing, running through a trail or whatever else you decide to do where a walkway may not be available. Nike Dunk OMS are part of their new off-mountain series and are water-resistant and designed to withstand the tough elements while keeping your feet cool and body warm (in a way). Nike made use of their Outlast coating to help regulate the temperature of your feet while relying on Warming Blanket Strobel technology underneath the sock lining to send expelled heat from your feet back ‘upward’ to help keep you nice and toasty. To help keep your feet safely latched to the ground, the outsole of the Nike Dunk OMS has a sole similar to their Special Field Boot (which I love and adore) with deeper slits to improve traction and help tread snow. To top off all of this awesomeness, these kicks are actually pretty affordable. If you’d like to step your mountain climbing game up, head over to The Premier Store and shell out a cool $140 to cop your pair. Happy shopping!

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