Robo-DC Comics

Before I begin, I’d like to state that I know this is flat-out silly and might not grab everyone’s attention but I thought it was awesome and couldn’t help but post it! If you’ve been living under a rock and have never watched Robot Chicken, you’re wrong. If you had a crappy day at work, school or whatever and need a crude bit of humor to turn your frown upside down then Robot Chicken is the way to go. Ok, that was my disclaimer, now off to the silliness at hand!

Actor/Film Producer Seth Green has always pulled out all of the stops with the moderately inappropriate humor behind Robot Chicken and with the help of action figures, dolls and claymations, to date he has never let his fans down. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the character/celebrity spoofs featured on the show are always the funniest. They’re like moving versions of the goofy comics/school projects I post on this blog! I love it! I assume after fan requests (or running out of fresh material) Green and his team of goof-balls put together a DC Comics Special.

Being the avid DC Comics fan (Batman mostly but the other guys/girls are awesome too!) It was great news to me that someone finally wanted to do something with the DC Comic characters rather than boring-ass, overrated Marvel. Naturally, there were a couple of bits throughout the show that weren’t my favorite but nonetheless it was classic! Watching Superman using his ‘newly discovered’ super-power on unsuspecting foes was priceless! The same holds true for watching the tables turn on Green Lantern, The Flash, Batman and Superman as they try to scope out a bar for girls. The villans of the DC world even got involved with the foolishness; it was awesome!

As all Robot Chicken segments are, this episode was broken up into tiny one to two-minute segments and rather than posting all eleven of them, I’ve decided to post a couple of the clips that should give you a good mid-day chuckle. If you’d like to watch the whole episode click on over to the Adult Swim website or tune in to Adult Swim on 22 September 2012 at midnight EST to catch the replay. With that being said, here’s the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

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