New Video! “I Am Your Leader”, Nicki Minaj feat. Rick Ross and Cam’ron

Although the song itself is nothing to write home about the video is pretty awesome. Not awesome as in one of the better videos I’ve seen lately but awesome as in really fun to watch. As I’m sure you can imagine, “I Am Your Leader” features loud colors, fun ‘costumes’ and a wacked-out wonderland feel that makes this video just as entertaining as her previous vids without the whole slutty vibe like “Beez In The Trap”. I love that about Nicki. She’s a great performer, when she wants to put forth the effort she’s pretty nice on the mic and she’s so feminine without being irritating with it. I love it!

On to this vibrant video, in addition to Ms. Minaj, the self-proclaimed Teflon Don and his huge stomach were there to make an appearance as well as the Dr. Seuss of hip-hop (Cam’ron). I don’t know who lied to Rick Ross and told him walking around topless was sexy, but they lied. Please Ricky, for the love of women all over, put your shirt on. The other man of the hour however seemed to take a slightly more active role in the video by standing in the hallway rapping his verse rather than sitting at an empty table; guess you can’t expect too much from him. In his heyday Cam wasn’t exactly the most entertaining guy to watch but his bars were nice and sort of offset the difference. Now that he’s been stripped of his pink mink, pink Range and record label I guess he’s trying to lay low and blend in (as if that were possible in a Nicki Minaj video). Whatever works I guess.

All in all “I Am Your Leader” is pretty okay. Great video when you want to indulge in something silly without watching a flat-out cartoon. With that being said here’s “I Am Your Leader” for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!


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