Atari On Your Wrist

Take a look at these super-awesome time pieces! I’m really big on functionality but I’m even bigger on being fly and standing out in a crowd of many and these Pac Man inspired watches do both! I love it!

After the success of a simular concept line, Swiss watch brand Romain Jerome took the classic arcade game Pac Man and condensed it to a three-diminsional time piece. It’s not uncommon for designers to capture iconic charecters like Pac Man and add them into their designs, this is however the first time such an act has been attempted with a luxury item like an expensive watch. I think it’s a pretty kick-ass idea. If Louis Vuitton can make a waffle iron and if Chanel can make condoms why not have a Rolex level watch with cute little charecters? Gotta find some way to add some pizzaz to boring business suits. Since I’ve mentioned business suits and other boring things, I’d like to take a moment to point out another tiny detail about these watches. I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now but just in case you haven’t I’ll make it clear: these watches don’t have numbers. Yea. Don’t let the premis fool you, these “cute” watches aren’t for kids or anyone that doesn’t have a firm grasp on time without relying on the digital numbers on a cell phone face. All the more reason they’re perfect for that man of yours that’s trying to climb the corperate ladder yet still enjoys a good round at an arcade (or behind the ‘sticks’; if you don’t get it, nevermind).

Anway, without harking too much longer on the awesomeness of these lovely wrist clocks, in addition to the great Pac Man himself, the four different watch designs will also feature the “ghosts” that chase Pac Man through his maze of life. As can be seen in the pictures below, two of the watch face designs feature Pac Man, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde in full color to add a bit of pop to the plain black face whereas the other two design only show the hero (Pac Man) and his power-up fruits in color. I love it; contemporary with a little fun. To add a little more variation to these unique designs, each watch face features the famous maze in a three-dimensional pattern and SuperLumiNova lamminent to help the colors really shine! Last but not least, the traditional Pac Man logo is featured on every watch right above where the six would be located on a traditional watch. To add a wee bit more of function to the fun, since these Romain Jerome watches are part of the Moon Invader Watch Collection they feature pieces of the Apollo 11 moon lander in the bezel and  have a black rubber strap to keep it all together. Once again and for the last time, I love it!

Now on to the fun stuff! If you’d like to get your hands on one of the eighty watches that will be created (twenty watches will be created per face design), book a trip to  the fashion capital of the world, Paris, on 3 September 2012 and pick one up! If you’re not that fancy, the watches will be available for ‘normal’ people via all Romain Jerome retailers on 10 September 2012. How much should you set aside you wonder? If you’re planning on going to Paris set aside hotel money plus meals and transit on top of the heafty $17,900 price tag. If you’re gonna wait until 10 September 2012, start saving your pennies now. Happy shopping!

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