Good Night Nike

In awesome yet horrible sneaker news, Nike has decided to put an end to midnight sneaker mobs and shootings over kicks (as much as they can anyway) by nixing midnight shoe releases. Damn. I know some of you die-hard sneaker heads are hurting but others might be happy. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick of hearing about people getting shot, killed and robbed for the newest Jordans. Remember the riot when the “concord XI’s” came out? No thanks.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Nike has implimented a strict “no early release” rule that prohibits the midnight release of their shoes as well as a couple of other sanctions that are bound to keep sneaker crazies under control. In addition to having to wait until 8AM to release new shoes, Nike will no longer allow retailers to debut photos and descriptions of the new shoes or pertinent information on their stock (how many of each size they have, etc) prior to their release. Damn.

As expected, a few sneaker connoisseurs had a bit to say about this new change; some were for, some were against. Rightfully so if you ask me. It’d sort of hate it if someone changed the rules of a game that put money in my pocket. At the same time though, you have to consider the safety of your customers. No matter how much money you bring in is it really worth it if people die on your door-step? I don’t think so. “Got Sole?” owner Mike Watson seems to perpetuate that theory and some and makes it clear with the statement he released: “Instead of true sneaker connoisseurs trying to get the shoe for themselves you get this whole mass of population that could care less about the shoe trying to make a quick buck on the resell”.

Not that I’ve ever been a camp-out-overnight sneaker freak but in my experience with dealing with them it’s never those guys that do wild shit. It’s the bums that just want to buy as many pairs as they can to sell them on eBay for three times the market value for those of us who don’t want to camp out overnight. In my opinion, these new rules make it easier for everyone. Die hard sneaker heads get to catch a few extra winks the night before their coveted kicks come out. They still stand a great chance of getting a pair if they get to the store early. Police are out on patrol in the mornings and (depending on where you live) they’ll put an end to any madness before it begins and lastly, since no pictures will be released no one will be able to plan and scheme on whether they’re going to pimp the system to try to get them early. See! A better system all around! Big ups to Nike for bringing a bit of peace to the sneaker culture!

If you want to read over the entire article (and subscribe to The Wall Street Journal) click here. If you’d like a bit more info without the price tag, check out the Huffington Post here. Happy sneaker hunting!


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