Blue Magic

I know this is a bit inappropriate but I couldn’t help but post it! You know I’m big on having an imagination and making fun out of just about everything you can; and an even bigger advocate of people having fun with taboo topics such as recreational drugs so this bit of candy coated fun is no different. In honor of the hit television show Breaking Bad, a little candy shop in New Mexico has begun producing and marketing meth! Not ‘real’ meth of course; a much more child-friendly and adult-urking version in the form of candy. How ‘sweet’? lol

Ms. Debbie Hall of Albuquerque, NM has actually been moving sugary weight since the television drama began. Silly me for believing that poor Mr. White had been putting his knowledge of chemicals into ‘interesting’ use by mixing up meth on his own; dude has been getting his supply all along from The Candy Lady. Go figure! It goes without saying that this ‘blue meth’ moves from Ms. Hall’s store shelves just as quickly as the real shit moves through the bodies of users on the streets. I mean really, it looks just like the real stuff and we all know that the youth sometimes enjoy pretending to do bad things (don’t pretend like you never bought bubble gum cigars and pretended to smoke them with your friends or poured pop into a cup and pretended to be drunk to look cool at a party) on top of the fact that the show Breaking Bad is based in, drum roll please… Albuquerque, NM! See, it’s bound to catch on! Also as I’m sure yo can imagine there are many that don’t support the sales of “blue meth” from The Candy Lady but despite the over-serious adults that try to stop her hustle, she maintains her belief of “we’re just playing on a television show”. Mr. White and Jesse would be proud.

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Remember kids, don’t do drugs! 🙂

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