New Music! “On The House” Mixtape, Slaughterhouse

In the wake of their much-anticipated album Welcome To: Our House which is set to drop next week (28 August 2012) the sad yet talented hip-hoppers that make up the Slaughterhouse crew dropped a mixtape to give us fans something to listen to until the real shit drops. On The House  features a couple of nice tracks as well as their most recent single “Truth or Truth”. On this woeful track Buddens, Royce, Ortiz and Crooked I used fifteen-minutes of open beat and emotion as sort of a platform to lay it all on the table. Man, I’ve been listening to Buddens for a while know and know damn well he’s one sad dude but I think his misery is starting to rub off on his crew. I mean come on guys, life sucks for everyone at some point or another but does y’all shit never get better? Like ever? You’re rich! Buy happiness! Yes, I know that’s not always the answer but still. It’s like these guys are stuck in a constant shit-storm; my baby mama this, my son that, I’m depressed this, I have issues that… they’re like a hip-hop My Chemical Romance. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking their talent at all; I’m just sayin’ you have to be in the right state of mind to listen to their shit or you’ll end up just as down-and-out as they are.

Anyway, On The House features thirteen tracks with the Slaughterhouse boys as well as an appearance from the Roc’s own Freeway (where’s he been?). Not bad! After giving this one a once over I’m really looking forward to Welcome To: Our House dropping next week. Here’s hoping a ray of sunshine shines down on Joey and his buddies so they can keep making hits. With that being said, here’s On The House  for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

On The House, Slaughterhouse Mixtape download

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