The Thin Line Between Life and Death

You know, the more videos like this one I watch I begin to get more and more interested in digital animation. It’s so cool! It’s like you can turn your PC (or in some cases, MacBook) into your own little studio. Copy some images here, drop the sound there, add a few tweaks and viola! You have a pretty decent home movie ready to be shown to the world. Maybe I’ll take a class in computer animation or study how video games are made or something. Seems fun and I’m pretty sure it can only help me become a better blogger, more creative human being and if nothing else, teach me something new!

Enough about my new-found dream of becoming a movie maker, I’d like to take a moment to share with you yet another bit of computer generated, imagination driven animation by yet another student at yet another pretty awesome university. Anhalt University of Applied Science student Saskia Kretzschmann created this short film based on a quote from one of my favorite poets; Mr. Edgar Allen Poe. Poe is most known for his dark poetry and short stories such as The Raven, The Pit and The Pendulum and The Tell Tale Heart. Although Poe’s literary works are generally dark, the way he articulated his thoughts usually came across quite eloquently and offered a fresh and in some cases deep thoughts on death.

Another one of Poe’s more famous horror stories entitled The Premature Burial tells an eerie story of a man being buried alive and in this instance served as a platform for this student project. Thankfully for us, “The Boundaries of Life and Death” is based specifically on one sentence witin the poem which can be seen below. Naturally, this simple yet detailed film was created in black and white and contains minimal sound. I love it! No flashy colors to take away from the message and not a whole lot of sound going on in the background as not to take away from the morbid yet captivated film. With that being said, here’s “The Boundaries of Life and Death” for your viewing pleasure!

The Boundaries of Life and Death from Saskia Kretzschmann on Vimeo.


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