New Music! “Lamborghini Angels”, Lupe Fiasco

After tweeting about it for over a month Lupe Fiasco released his newest single from Food and Liquor 2 entitled “Lamborghini Angels”. Yesterday before releasing the track Lupe tweeted a very interesting warning which can be seen below. Don’t let the interesting title and the fact that Lupe felt the need to forewarn people before listening scare you off like it almost did me. Upon reading this very unique disclaimer, I was a bit apprehensive about listening to “Lamborghini Angels”. I take my Christianity very seriously and don’t really like when people say unnecessary comments about my beliefs. Yes, I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but when people chop and screw up the bible I get a bit offended. I know that everyone isn’t going to share my beliefs and that’s fine but it’s not cool when people put down my beliefs or opinions. I don’t knock what you believe or your opinions so do me the same courtesy.

Anyway, once I got over my worries I gave “Lamborghini Angels” a listen and oddly enough, I like it! Slowly but surely it so seems that Lu is turning himself into an activist of some sort and using his music to get his points across. With that being said I’m sure you can assume that “Lamborghini Angels” is just as political as his last two singles have been. This time however, Lupe added in some faith-based lines to paint a different picture of the society we live in. Rather than say ill things about the church, Lupe described how “the world” as the bible  calls it can turn good people into money-grubbing whores. Gone are the days when people seek acclaim for doing the right thing and hold on to their values. According to Lu the world now praises the wrong things such as “Lamborghini Angels” and become ‘diamond flooded demons’. Wow. Pretty heavy message for a song. With a dark yet fitting beat provided by producer Mr. Inkredible, the subject matter of “Lamborghini Angels” is just as thought-provoking yet entertaining as Lu’s previous political tracks. If this and his previous singles are any indication as to what should be expected on his next album then I can’t wait! Below you will find the download link for “Lamborghini Angels” as well as a purchasing link for those of you that prefer not partake in piracy. Be on the look-out for Food and Liquor 2 on 25 September 2012. Enjoy!

“Lamborghini Angels”, Lupe Fiasco download or Buy “Lamborghini Angels”


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