New Music! “Hip Hop”, DJ Khaled feat. Scarface and Nas

After teasing eager listeners with a brief ‘making of’ video, DJ Khaled has finally released his newest single from his upcoming album Kiss the Ring entitled “Hip Hop”. Although the Miami native is listed as the headliner on the track, as always, he is anything but. This star-studded track featuring Nas, Scarface (where’s he been hiding out all of these years?) and DJ Premire revolve around the most loved yet hated musical genre around. As you can imagine this track carries a bittersweet message. Since these “I hate you hip-hop” type tracks have become so common amongst rappers I didn’t expect greatness from “Hip Hop” but luckily for me, I was wrong. While expressing his seeming despise of the very genre that made him famous, Nas holds true to his tradition slow flow with plenty of deep thinking lines and metaphors while Scarface does the same while adding a slightly angry tone. With the two featured emcees leaving their emotions on the track combined with the dark beat supplied by Premire and Khaled, “Hip Hop” is definitely something you want to add to your musical library. I love it! With that being said, click the link provided below to give “Hip Hop” a listen and look out for Kiss the Ring which it set to hit the market on 21 August 2012. Enjoy!

“Hip Hop”, DJ Khaled feat. Nas, Scarface and DJ Premire download

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