Elective: Sneakerology Studio

As I continue down the daunting road of finishing my degree I can’t help but scroll through my school’s course catalogs to get an idea of what sorts of classes are out there. Of course like all students I must follow a specific course outline in order to attain the degree I want but I’ve always found it interesting to see what other classes are available; you know, just to see what the other kids are bogging down their minds down with. In my quest for more knowledge I’ve seen my fair share of what I thought were some pretty odd courses. One school had an entire literature class dedicated to the study of Harry Potter and another course dedicated solely to the Dungeons and Dragons; strange, sure! But both classes were electives and I guess it’s important to offer classes students are interested in. It’s just not fair to force a student to take only boring degree directed courses so why not throw in fun yet random classes and call them ‘electives’ to break up the motony, right? What really did it was learning that one can attain an entire degree in the study of Astroturf. You know, the green stuff that looks like grass that covers Football fields? Yea, that stuff. A whole bachelors degree is dedicated to its study; who would’ve guessed?

In recent and more epic times there is now an entire class dedicated to sneaker heads and the love of nice kicks. Can we say awesome!? Hosted by Skillshare, “Sneakerology Studio” takes sneaker enthusiasts knowledge of kicks to a whole new level with a mini-course on sneaker culture and history, how the kicks we know and love make it from the drawing boards of guys like Jeremy Scott to the shelves of our favorite stores and exclusive content from some pretty heavy hitters in the sneaker game. I love it! Did I mention that this course is only $12? I don’t know about you but I have no problem with adding a couple more course hours to my schedule and paying my own tuition for this one. The video below offers a bit more insight into the course and as any educator should be, co-founder Elliot Curtis is amped to tell you all about this amazing course. If you’d like to sign up for Sneakerology Studio click the link and follow the prompts. Act fast! The next class starts 10 September 2012.

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