Guess who’s bizzack? Me! 🙂 Once again, sorry I’ve been away for so long but I’m back full swing and here to stay. I’ve adjusted to life on The Island, gotten used to doing things the signal way and hung up my infantry mentality and more importantly, have had time to explore, sight-see and have some fun before getting back into my day-to-day constant grind and now that I’m refreshed I’m all yours! 🙂

Now that we’ve covered that I’d like to avert your attention to something very important: voting. It’s a privilege that everyone should take pride in. Throughout our country’s history we’ve gone through the motions when it comes to getting everyone out to the polls and really having the voice of each person heard. Way back in the day only a select few were allowed to vote but thankfully times have changed and every vote truly matters. Gone are the days when “we” (women or African-Americans, whichever fits you best if applicable) weren’t allowed to vote so let’s get out there and make sure “our” votes count! If you’re only of the lucky guys (and I do mean guys literally) who never had to fight to earn the right to vote don’t let your right as an American fall by the wayside due to complacency. Your vote matters; you matter! With that being said click away from my blog and head to the polls; I’ll be here when you’re done. Lastly, when you head to the polls, remember, vote for Batman! Let him work for our country the same way he works for Gotham City! Let the Dark Knight be our knight in shining armor!

Just kidding! As awesome as it would be I know my beloved hero didn’t make the ballot and probably never well. I mean it’s a bit hard to hold a political role being a fictitious character; sounds cool though and I didn’t want this epic pic to go to waste. Seriously though, vote! It’s the American thing to do. Use your liberties that my brothers and sisters and I fight to defend for the greater good. On a more serious note, please vote. My battle buddies are still heading overseas to defend this great nation and we’d love it if we could see some change on our end as well. Us troops thank you! 🙂


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