Fall of The Dark Knight

With the help of some pretty fancy action figures (big ups to Hot Toys) Hong Kong based directors Derek Kwok and Henri Wong created this action-packed stop-motion film entitled “Dark Knightfall”. As the title suggests, this film depicts the downfall of Gotham’s hero (as if that were ever possible) while offering a very unique surprise at the end. At the hands of The Joker with a little help from Bane, Batman is brought crashing down while trying to rescue Commissioner Gordon (can that guy ever stay out of crime alley?). The Joker’s clown-faced cronies flooded the scene and as usual, were no match for Mr. Wayne and subsequently left Batman for their boss. As always, The Joker and Batman are locked in a seemingly endless battle until one of them ‘disappears’. It is then that not-so-new villan-on-the-block Bane appears and in essence, brings Batman to an end; or so he thought.

“Dark Knightfall” holds a pretty interesting premise with just enough twists and turns to keep the film interesting.  I’ve seen a lot of films with a lot of CGI and camera tricks but having The Joker’s head spin and he switch from the epic Heath Ledger Joker to the classic Jack Nicholson Joker was pretty cool. I love it! These twists, the awesomely details figures used combined with the fancy camera tricks make “Dark Knightfall” a must watch for any Batman fan. With that being said, here’s “Dark Knightfall” for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

RIP Heath Ledger

BATMAN : DARK KNIGHTFALL (HD full version) from Parabucks on Vimeo.


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