Run With The Jeanious!

Let me start off by saying that I’m not a runner. At all. Period. In my time in the Army I’ve taken dozens of physical fitness tests and have run many miles in the hot sun and pouring Washington rain but never have I learned to enjoy a good, long run. Even stranger, despite the fact that seemingly pointless runs are a constant in my life I’ve never become good at it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m physically able to run and with a lot of false motivation in tow I’m able to run a fair distance at a decent pace, but running around “just because” has never been my thing and I’m starting to lose faith that it ever will be.

One not so special day however I was running around the airfield and started to think to myself that it’s going to suck when I get out of the Army. In the time I’ve been in the Army I’ve learned a number of useful things like how to shoot a target five-hundred meters away and a gamut of other things like how to assemble a CAISI, a VSAT, the phonetic alphabet and how to style my hair in a really stylish bun! More importantly (not really but…) thanks to lots of physical training the body I brought with me to basic training is gone and a new, slightly harder to dress one is present in its stead. I can get over the fact that the “fun” things I’ve learned will go to waste, but as I ran that dismal four miles it started to piss me off knowing that I worked so hard to get into decent shape and it would all go down the crapper once I hang up my uniform. As I jogged passed a group of Soldiers playing last man up  it hit me: I should run in a race! Despite the fact that (as previously stated) I’m a shitty runner I still look for ways to challenge myself and ways to use the things I can do for the greater good and a race would do just that. A race will force me to work hard at something I despise to meet a personal goal and running a good race, a race for charity will give me the motivation I need to complete both amazing feats. Yep! My mind was made up! A race I shall run!

Later, once I drug myself into my office and hung out on Facebook for a little while I caught wind of a race of sorts that was coming up in a few months. This race was not a race at all but rather a half marathon. I figured I could do that; although I’m not very fast I don’t have a real problem with running distance. After one simple mouse click I knew that this “race” was
 the “race” for me: the 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon. I love Disney  and truly adore (most of) the Disney Princesses’. Kiddyish, I know, but if there was anyone or anything that could encourage me to tighten up my Lunarglides and put my heart into a race it was the magical world of Disney   and a good cause that was truly worth the run. With all of that in mind, after receiving some not-to-encouraging words I’d decided to make it my mission to spend the next six months training for this half marathon and once February rolls around, not only do I plan to finish the race but I will make it my goal to complete the entire course in less than two hours. Big goals for my first half marathon but the   way I see it, go big or go home and since I’m a long way from home I guess I’d better do it big!

After spilling a piece of my life (sorry if  it bored you) I’d like to re-direct your attention to the mission at hand, the 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon. This magnificent race will be held at the Disney capital of the world, Walt Disney World Orlando, FL and will span over three long days. Event festivities including the Fit For a Princess Expo will begin on 22 February ending the evening of 23 February with Pasta in the Park; a family oriented potluck style dinner to get us racers ready for the big race. Bright and early on 24 February the race will begin. Thankfully for me this is not a timed event and more importantly, there will be Disney characters along the way ready and willing to take photos and cheer you on as you jog your way through the happiest place on earth. I can’t wait! If you too would like to join us princess’ and run to help bring and end to (some) cancers, this runDisney link will get you on the right path. With that being said, come and run with The Jeanious! I could sure use the company! 🙂


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