Pug Sings the Blues Again

So yea, in the first Pug Sings the Blues I acknowledged that fact that some of you may find me posting a video of a singing Pug silly and borderline stupid. Either way, as also previously stated in said post, I don’t care. 🙂 Loca is back with two new tunes about her life as a singing Irish Pug and her athletically inclined siblings. I love this little Pug! Pugs are awesome without musical accompaniment with their smug little faces and care-free demeanor but adding a fun tune and silly lyrics takes their awesomeness to a new level! What can I say, I’m an animal love; don’t judge.

Moving on to the awesomeness you’re about to watch, the first video “Me Dad’s Big Trike” features Loca, her brother Alfie and sisters Layla and Lucy all strapped in-in their custom-made, dog friendly side cars and heading down the road and into town like “bats out of hell”. I love it! They all looked so cute in their little moto-pods; especially the ‘girls’. To keep bugs out of their big eyes this caring dog daddy fitted his larger canine kids with some stylish sunglasses! Awww! How cute yet totally awesome! Since Loca and Alfie aren’t big on glasses they got cool little biker ‘jackets’ to add some awesome to their look as well. Once again, awww! I love it! The second video appropriately entitled “The Race” turns out to be a pretty motivating video. Although Layla was the one providing the vocals this time around Loca was still the overall focus of the story. I wont give away the overall plot to this one (not yet anyway) but I will say that this lovely little video/song drives home the old saying/scripture that “the race is not given to the swift but to he who endures to the end”.

This time around Loca’s reward for getting a lot of hits on her videos is Salmon rather than rosted chicken; this Pug sure does have good taste. Again I’m banking on the prospect that Loca will share her prize yummy’s with her siblings; it’s the least she could do after dusting them all in “The Race”. 🙂

Oh, by the way! She still can’t feckin’ run. Here’s Loca the singing Pug for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

UPDATE: Loca and her family have come up with more comical crusades and catchy tunes for our favorite Pug to sing on YouTube! Yay! Rather than drawing up a new post every time Loca hits the stage (or internet) I’ll simply post the videos here as sort of a running update. With that being said, more videos staring Loca and her siblings can be found after the jump. Enjoy!

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