New Video! “Swag Champ”, Fabolous

Fabolous has released a pretty funny video to accompany “Swag Champ” from his latest mixtape There Is No Competition 3. In this video we find the champ Fab training to defend his title with the help of his trainer Nigel. Unlike most boxers, Fab wont be found scuffing his kicks on a dirty boxing ring floor nor will you catch his wasting his time sparring with undeserving opponents. Instead, the champ can be found sharpening his skills in much more practical ways such as honing a skill most call “making it rain”, semi-bench pressing a Gucci duffel full of money and last but not least exercising his mind and other parts above the shoulders by practicing lifting the heavy-ass chain he’s earned as the reigning champ. Wow. Generally I’d find it show-offish for someone to be so overtly conceited but it looks good on Fab so why not! Besides, watching these antics make for a pretty amusing video, lol. If you havent heard “Swag Champ” yet please refer to the post here as the track itself is pretty inaudible due to all of the other things going on in the video. All in all this video served as a funny and carefree reminder that when it comes to swag, Fabolous is the champ and there’s clearly no competition. I love it! With that being said, here’s “Swag Champ” for your viewing pleasure!

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