New Music! “Bye Baby”, Nas

With exactly one week to wait Nas has released yet another track from his album Life Is Good entitled “Bye Baby”. This track sends a unique and heartfelt message to his ex-wife of four years Kelis. It’s not too often you hear a person say anything positive about their ex after a nasty divorce and it’s even rarer to hear a rapper call out their ex by name; I guess when you were actually married rather than dating forever the need for formality and subliminal shots are out of the window. Go figure. Despite the sensitivity of the topic, Nas managed to get all of his feelings about his untimely divorce off of his chest while still rapping somewhat of an ode to Kelis. It truly appears that Nas did indeed love his wife and (clearly) still has loads of respect for her which I think is pretty sweet. After going through a very public divorce and even more public child custody battle Nas’ love did not turn into bitterness and hatred but instead into a learning experience. I love it! If only we all could learn to handle break-ups with such tact! With that being said, here’s “Bye Baby” for your listening and downloading pleasure! Life Is Good will be released on 17 July 2012 and is available for preorder here. Enjoy!

“Bye Baby”, Nas download


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