A Pair of Kicks Fit For a Princess

To commemorate the diamond release of the Disney classic Cinderella, Christian Louboutin put his signature red bottom spin on the Princess’ hum-drum glass slippers. It goes without saying that Louboutin seriosuly took those classicly iconic glass slippers Cinderella received from her Fairy God Mother and gave them a whole new look. A classic red bottom adorned with Swarovski crystals with a nice four-inch heel are sure to make any wearer feel like a real life princess. Speaking of a real life princess, these lovely kicks will not be put into mass production. A mere twenty pairs will be put into circulation for shoe loves all over the world to fight over, bid over and wish for. You heard me ladies, wish for. With hope, trust and a little pixie dust you could be one of the lucky princess’ to win a pair of these amazing shoes from Prince Charming (Louboutin) himself. I really don’t like clear heels as they scream “stripper!” to me but these are adorable! I could wear them at my future wedding, 🙂 Louboutin and Disney will release the full details of the giveaway on 17 August 2012 and best believe I’ll have all of the information you need here so check back. If you don’t, I have no problem entering the contest multiple times in your absence. 🙂

“It’s a very classic tale about love”, says Louboutin, “a dream that love is absolutely pure”; I couldn’t agree more. This classic story of love after heartache and a true happily ever after is a sort of beacon of hope for us love-struck romantics that hope for our prince charming to save us from our evil step mothers (or combat boots and push-ups). Cinderella will be released from the Disney Vault for the sixth time; this time in diamond form. This new version will be released in Blu-ray, DVD as well as Blu-ray combo pack of the digitally remastered film filled with deleted scenes, behind the scenes looks and interviews from the hearts and minds behind Cinderella. If you’d like to get your copy, Cinderella will be released on 2 October 2012 and is available for pre-order here. Remember, “a dream is a wish that your heart makes”. Never stop wishing and all of your dreams will come true. Enjoy! 🙂

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