Supra Luggage

Ok, I totally have to get this! As much as I travel you’d think I’d have a fly set of luggage to jet-set across the nation in; I don’t. That doesn’t even bother me. I mean, it the grand scheme of things as long as I have enough room to pack up all of my shit including at least double the amount of necessary clothing for any trip, my Mac Book, iPad, DS, heart (iPhone) and whatever else I feel as if I can’t live without for a few hours on a flight I should be good, right? Wrong. I’m not. Call me shallow but I can live with stuffing all of my “I can’t live without you” possessions in a small backpack that’s suitable for a carry on but I can not however live with the fact that my poor defenseless sneakers and stilettos suffer at the bottom of the plane. No pair of Dunks deserves to be smushed and no stiletto of mine shall be burdened with a scuff! Alas, that’s what happens anyway and I digress…

Until today! The sneaker heads over at Supra in their unfailing awesomeness has answered the prayer of us sneaker lovers and fashion freaks all over the world! Finally! A piece of luggage that has been designed for us! [insert hallelujah chorus here] To accompany their fall collection, Supra will be releasing their first luggage line. These seemingly boring bags actually have compartments designed to house high-top sneakers! YAY! As if that weren’t great enough, they have a backpack style bag that can carry both your favorite kicks and your Mac Book without either one getting hurt! Did I mention that these kickass travel buddies are waterproof and feature an abrasion resistant technology to keep your goods safe? All they need is wheels and we’ll be in there! No price has been released for this set yet but I’ll keep you posted! Happy travels!


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