‘Storm’ the Art Gallery

I love when people find ways to put a fun and creative spins on famous works of art. With all due respect to the original creator, once an image has been seen hundreds of times (in my opinion) it sort of loses it’s wow factor and draw. It is then when kids start to dread field trips to the art museums and in some cases grow up believing that art is a drab class they’re forced to take rather than learning to truly appreciate the beauty and creativity in front of them. It is also then when their teachers get creative and try to find ways to bring art back to life; I love it!

A creative art teacher named David Eger took his love for art and Star Wars and came up with “365 Days of Clones”. Through this year-long project Eger rifled through hundreds of famous pictures and re-created then with Star Wars characters. While some images do feature faces we all know and love like Yoda, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker the majority of the images feature my all-time favorite Star Wars drones: Storm Troopers! I don’t know too much of anything about Star Wars and to be honest, have never watched a single Star Wars flick but I think those little Soldier guys are awesome!

Back to the art at hand, after digging his way through many pictures Eger re-designed the famous images he loved best and compiled them into a pretty sweet photo album. Below are a couple of my favorite images from the collection. If you’d like to see the entire album or take a peek at his more recent creations, “52 Weeks of Star Wars”, the link for his blog can be found below. With that being said, here’s “365 Days of Star Wars” for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

365 Days of Star Wars

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