New Music! “New God Flow”, Kan’Ye West and Pusha T

The flashy dope boy Pusha T has teamed up with the pretty boy Kan’Ye West to bring us “New God Flow”. As I say with just about every hot track I post, I’m in love! This shit is nice! Kan’Ye definitely was feelin’ himself with this one but isn’t that what makes Kan’Ye so awesome (when he’s not being a weirdo); his knack for being an arrogant, flashy, asshole with a nice flow? I thought so too. Again, as always, not much needs to be said about Pusha T. This dude is always awesome; period. I addition to the awesome bars laid down by Kan’Ye and Pusha, “New God Flow” features a pretty abnormal beat for Kan’Ye. I know he’s the king of sampling but Nas, really? Whatever works I guess! My only disparity would have to be the slight (and by slight I mean very slight) blasphemous bars towards the beginning of the song and to that effect I borrow a line from Big Brother Jay-Z, “you blasphemous bastards get your faith restored!”. That is all.

With all of that being said, here’s “New God Flow” for your listening pleasure! Be on the look-out for G.O.O.D Music’s Cruel Summer on 7 August 2012! Enjoy!

“New God Flow”, Kan’Ye West and Pusha T download


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