The Man With the Iron Fists, trailer

RZA, in all of his infinite knowledge and love for Kung Fu has decided to put together a full-length film entitled The Man With the Iron Fists. Until this very moment in time I had no idea that Wu Tang frontman RZA was into martial arts, Asian culture or any of that stuff. Once I mentioned the release of this movie to my battle buddy he kept talking as if this sort of thing from RZA was normal and opted to school me on the fact this it’s well know that this rapper is a wannabe China man (not in a bad way). Wow. The things you don’t know about people.

Anyway, to help make this movie turn out to be something special RZA enlisted the help of a pretty badass movie team. Eli Roth and Quinten Tarintino helped write the flick as well as produce it while big name performers like Russell Crowe, Jamie Chung and Lucy Liu play the leading characters to help bring this film to life. Looks like he’s not fuckin’ around! That’s a pretty good lineup for a first film.

The Man With the Iron Fists is set in nineteenth century China where we find out hero, a humble blacksmith, forced into defending his life as well as that of his town. Sometimes I guess all you need is a simple plot to perpetuate the story and it so seems that this movie did just that. Despite the very simple premise, The Man With the Iron Fists looks like it going to be pretty damn good! The trailer below paints a simple picture of the plot while making it abundantly clear that Quinten Tarintino’s well-known flare for excessive violence and over-the-top drama will be put to good use here to bring RZA’s vision to life. I can’t wait!

This sure to be hit is set to his theaters this October. I’m not usually into Kung Fu movies but this one looks like it’ll be pretty damn good! Here’s hoping! Here’s the official trailer for The Man With the Iron Fists for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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