“I Don’t Like” Chris Brown and Drake’s Beef

So yea… apparently Chris Brown is still a little pissy about the tiff he and Drake got into a week or so ago.

Ok, I get it. You’re mad so you decide to put out a diss record; this dude though? Seriously? Maybe I’m closed-minded but allow us to remember that Chris Brown was the dude that hit the scene with frilly dance style tracks like “Wall to Wall”, “Run It” and my all-time most hated track “Kiss Kiss” on top of lovey dovey shit like “Say Goodbye”. What. The. Fuck. I don’t care how many (bullshit) rap song you put out or how many (hideous) tattoos you get Chris Brown, you’re not tough. Not at all. In light of all of this bullshit I pose one question to you all: how is it that Chris Brown can beat the brakes of off Rihanna but when another man throws some blows Brown returns no punches but instead posts pictures of his busted chin on Instagram. Yea, real tough. In addition, from what sources are saying these two chumps got into a fight over their shared prized possession: Rihanna. Let’s pump the brakes right there, why the fuck would anyone in their right mind fight over Rihanna? Yea I get it. Drake is Canadian and was probably sheltered before this rap shit started and thought Rihanna was the hot thing and wanted to wife her and Chris Brown was her ex boo, but fighting over that chick? Seriously? That’s like fighting over the school slut! Damn shame.

Moving on, I’m not a big fan of rap beef so forgive me if my views are slanted. In the past it’s gotten the hip-hop game nowhere but cost us all quite a few outstanding rappers and I think it’s tragic that rappers continue down this path. In addition as I’ve stated a number of times in my “no violence” type posts I’m not really a big fan of fighting and unnecessary violence either. Especially from assholes like this. I mean really, if two people have some sort of beef that they can’t solve like adults then what good is a fight? I know that there are people like me in the world that no matter how many times they get their ass beat, they’re still gonna talk shit and in essence still perpetuate the beef so what good is it to fight? I mean do you like getting your knuckles bloody and making yourself look stupid over some jackass that doesn’t matter anyway? It’s not a good look to me. I do know that there are some sad people in the world that only understand violence and ignorance as a way to squash a confrontation but these two grown ass men, one of which is a mama’s boy (Brown) and the other being Canadian (Drake) should know better that this; flat-out.

Moving back to the faint belief that these two boys only know how to handle problems with their fists, why not take to the ring to set the record straight? Celebrity fight promoter Damon Feldman has offered both Brown and Drake $1 million to duke it out in the ring in August. Each round will be one minute and have a crowd based decision at the end of three rounds. Sounds like a win-win to me! Both losers will get to wail on each other for at least three minutes, the crowd will decide the winner so there will be no Paquiao/Bradley type shit going on and the proceeds will go towards a great cause. The funds gathered for this celebrity death match type fight will go towards abused women (Brown should sign on for that alone). What can be better than that! A fight, a good cause, a girl to try to impress (Rihanna is supposed to be the ring girl) and a good show. That’s everything a man needs, right? Oddly though neither rapper-wannabe-tough-guy has signed on with a “yes”. Damn.

All and all, I just don’t get this shit. Two rappers who want to be tough get into a fight over the biggest hoe in the industry right now and have been duking it out in the media ever sence. I’m not one to poke and prod at behavior fueled by personal feelings but this is some female type shit if I ever heard it. Whatever. If these two ladies want to have it out, let them. There’s clearly no reasoning with them. Ok, now that we’ve concluded my PSA for the week let us move on to the event that brought this rant to the forefront.

This dude Chris Brown took it upon himself to remix G.O.O.D Music’s track “I Don’t Like” in an attempt to diss his buddy Drake. Maybe I wasn’t listening hard enough but I didn’t hear a whole lot of dissing on this track. Yea there were a couple of punch lines here and there but nothing to write home about. With that being said, here’s the “I Don’t Like” remix with Chris Brown spitting half a verse dissing Drake also featuring the G.O.O.D Music crew plus The Game. Enjoy!

P.S. Remember kids, violence is never the answer. Don’t beat up on women. If you are in an abusive relationship, here’s some help: Help Guide or call the National Domestic Abusive Hotline 800.799.SAFE (7233)

“I Don’t Like” Remix, Drake Diss download

Chris Brown’s busted chin on Instagram. See! I wasn’t bullshitting. What’s with that booger-looking nose ring? Damn shame what tough guys do to themselves these days:


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