Winged Sandals

Take a look at these fun sandals! I don’t know what the big deal is with Jesus sandals (or gladiator sandals, your choice) but they’re sure as hell managed to find their way into the wardrobes of many and show no signs of slowing up. I’ve never understood what the allure of these things were. Maybe it’s because I’m not very tall and prefer shoes that either give the illusion that I’m a decent height and not a member of the minish colony (Zelda joke. If you’re not a gamer, forget it) or a pair of kicks that are flat-out fly! Jesus sandals accomplish neither. They’re almost as bad as those horrid “hood rats” that flood the streets of Detroit every summer. You know, those flip-flops that come in dozens of colors with the stupid, plastic flower on the top? Yea, those things, “hood rats”.

Moving past my personal bias’ though, these winged Jesus sandals are sort of cool! These “Ancient Greek Sandals” by Ikaria feature wings on the heel of the shoe; how adorable! Now you can take your summer time look to new heights and soar through the clouds with the likes of Hermes, Apollo and my favorite winged half-God before his nasty plummet, Icarus! Well, not really. I mean these planks after all are only leather which isn’t very aerodynamic but you get the point. If these winged Jesus sandals are your speed, set aside about $160 and order your pair from LN-CC. Order fast! Sizes are selling out pretty quickly. Happy shopping!


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