The Joker 2.0

In the wake of Dark Knight Rises Hot Toys has created another “toy” in the likeness of one of the best animated characters ever. Hot Toys did an amazing job capturing the detail and madness behind Heath Ledgers’ iconic character portrayal of Gotham’s madman The Joker. This scale version of Ledgers’ Joker comes with two different heads (in order to batter capture both sides of this guy’s madness) as well as interchangeable hands and feet. It’s almost like a male-friendly version of those Bratz dolls! Not really but if you know anything about the dolls I’m referring to you get the point. This 1/6 scale version of The Joker is actually the second version of this model to hit the market; thus the basis of this one being named The Joker 2.0. I can’t see how they can make this Dark Knight cast member anymore real other than adding a voice box (which may be over kill). Totally ordering myself one! If you’d like to jump on the bandwagon as well, set aside $250 and preorder yours today!

RIP Heath Ledger. The best Joker ever!

Hot Toys, ‘The Joker 2.0’

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