Racist Sneakers and Other Offensive Designs

While scanning through Yahoo! Finance I discovered this mildly offensive article that I couldn’t help but laugh at. For once, someone pointed out the offensive things that have made their way off of the drawing boards of their creators and into products that we can find on the shelves of our favorite stores. I have a pretty weird sense of humor so generally if something is designed to be offensive I get a pretty good laugh out of it. I see no point in getting bent out of shape over certain things. The way I see it, if someone creates something solely to offend someone, it’s probably their aim to get attention and if you give them your attention, you’re giving this person exactly what they want. Why not flip the script and ignore them like there’s nothing going on? Don’t you just love the look on someones face when they try to piss you off but you blow past them like they’re not there? It’s awesome!

Back to this funny article, editor of Bloomberg Businessweek  Venessa Wong compiled a little list of “Adidas’ Shackle Shoes and Other Highly Offensive Products” and opted to share it with the lucky consumers of the world. If the title didn’t give it away, Jeremy Scott’s latest creation made the top of the list. These God-awful sneakers have received a bit of buzz since they’re release about a week ago. As seen below, these kicks literally put shackles on the ankles of the wearers. Ok, seriously dude, who would wear these? I’m a bit too fair-skinned for the whole slavery look and I’m pretty sure anyone with half a brain wouldn’t be caught dead in these. In the past Scott had created some pretty hot designs (the ones with the wings were my fav) but I guess he got sick and tired of rappers wearing his shoes so he created some that he was sure none of them would wear. I guess.

In addition to these freaky sneakers, Wong found quite a few other products that poke at racism and (my other favorite topic) sexism like a “math is tough!” Barbie and yet another pair of seemingly racist sneakers. If you’d like to sneak a peek at the other offensive products that made the list, the entire article is available below thanks to Yahoo! Finance. Enjoy!

Slave Sneakers and Other Offensive Products


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