New Music! “B**ch Bad”, Lupe Fiasco

That’s quite the title there Lupe. Way to grab my attention! Yes, I know, hundreds of rappers use “bitch” in their title or songs but not Lupe Fiasco! That’s be like Plies naming one of his albums something other than ‘real’ or Jeezy letting go of that stupid snowman. It’s possible, but just wouldn’t fit the artists’ style. The same holds true for Lupe’s new track “Bitch Bad”.

Due to the subject matter, it’s really easy to forgive Lupe’s shitty flow on this track. The skill to speak about some real shit while still masterfully gracing the mic is a talent that guys like 2Pac and Nas worked hard to perfect and Lupe just isn’t there yet. No harm, no foul but I’m sure he did his best. 🙂 Back to the track at hand, “Bitch Bad” offers some interesting and seemingly not-so-common insight into the word ‘bitch’ and how it became so popular amongst a certain age group of a certain race (not pointing any fingers here –> young black kids). Fiasco starts off expressing how tragically a young boy’s view of this word is distorted due to his ignorant mother’s use of the word as if it’s a badge of honor; then trickles over to younger girls jammin’ to hip-hop songs that paint the picture that a ‘bitch’ is the thing to be. Sad.

I’ve never understood why ‘bitch’ became a compliment. I know where I come from (not just Detroit, but the east side to be specific) that if you call me a ‘bitch’ then those are fighting words; flat-out. Hell, the last time I check my east side brothers still use ‘bitch’ as an insult. Maybe it’s those west side guys that flipped it into a compliment. I guess I’ll never know. No matter who brought this tragic trend to life, I still don’t understand why it caught on so well. Perhaps young girls/woman (they’re certainly undeserving of being called ladies when they carry themselves this way so don’t look for that term over here) have dropped down on the food chain once again and have such a low self-image of themselves that despite the fact that the attention they’re receiving is negative, they’re just happy to get any at all. How sad. Maybe one day some high-speed and fully motivated girl/woman will take a stand and yell out to her sisters that “we ain’t bitches! We deserve respect!” and the world will make sense once again. Here’s hoping!

With all of that being said so very early in the morning, here’s “Bitch Bad” by Lupe Fiasco for your listening pleasure! Be sure to look out for Food and Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album on 25 September 2012! Enjoy!

Purchase “Bitch Bad” from iTunes or Download “Bitch Bad”


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