New Music! “Psalm 82:V6” Mixtape, Crooked I

Slaughethouse rapper Crooked I has graced the market with a new mixtape not-so-cleverly entitled “Psalm 82:V6”. Allow me to take a moment to rant before moving on to the rest of this post. I’m all for getting closer to God by any means necessary and I have no problem with rappers quoting scripture in their songs and in some cases, using scripture as titles of their albums, but come on! I’m not sure if it’s more of an insult to my Christian side or just me being over analytical but I can’t stand when rappers just grabs bible verses from all over and uses them at their disposal. Just because you went to church and heard a pastor throw out a couple of verses or you grew up with your southern baptist Granny (like me, :-)) and committed these verses to memory doesn’t mean it’s fitting for your latest single. Shit like that grinds my gears because it’s fairly obvious that whoever chose to use whatever verse as a title or a punchline has no idea what the verse actually means and the story behind it; just because it sounds hot coming from the mouth of a preacher doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. On top of that, it’s a slap in the face to my beliefs when geniuses like this don’t have enough respect for the Bible to cite the verse properly; just like this shit here. “Psalm 82:V6”, really dude? I’m not sure if Mr. I here was ignorant enough to think you have to put a “v” before the verse so we know where to find it in The Word or thought he was being clever by mutilating a bible verse with an engine size. Either way, mission failed. It was not clever and if you really think you need to add an additional character to guide a potential reader to the correct passage then you need to have lunch with Granny, your local pastor, priest or whoever so they can give you a basic level bible class. Lord help us all.

Anyway, back to this new mixtape. Crooked I managed to wrangle up the likes of Rick Ross, Twista, Kurupt (where’d he find that dude?) and a host of other rappers to make this mixtape really pop. Content wise it’s nothing less than I’ve come to expect from Crooked I; dark, slightly sorrowful, heavy content with a pretty decent flow. Pretty good all around. If I didn’t let my bible-thumping side get the better of me and if it weren’t for the title of this musical masterpiece I’d probably really like it. Click the link below to download “Psalm 82:V6” for your listening pleasure! Enjoy!

P.S. In case you were interested, Psalm 82:6 reads: “I said, ‘you are Gods’, you are all sons of the Most High”. Not very fitting for this mixtape now is it? Just thought I’d put that out there! 🙂

“Psalm 82:V6” Mixtape, Crooked I download

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